Please confirm bulk meteo package sensor heights


Where can I confirm the various sensor heights (m) specific to the package
on the Southern Ocean mooring (GS01SUMO)? Or perhaps you can provide them
directly. For example, the height at which relative wind speed is
calculated, the height at which bulk air temperature is measured, and the
height at which relative humidity is measured (I think these are labeled
ZWINDSP, ZTMPAIR, and ZHUMAIR, respectively, according to the documentation

Thanks for any help you can provide, would love to get pointed in the right

The heights of the individual MET modules (both Coastal Pioneer; and Global Argentine Basin, Irminger Sea, Southern Ocean and Station Papa) are shown in the attached JPG. This shows the height of the sensing elements above the buoy deck and the water line.

Note that for the first Pioneer (CP01CNSM-00001) and Irminger (GI01SUMO-00001) deployments, the heights were different. These number are valid for all other deployments.

Thank you so much, @swhite! Really helpful.