Global Southern Ocean deployment 2 and 3

Dear OOI community,

I had a closer look at the the velocity data difference between 2016 and 2018 and found that the they were deployed at different locations with ~ 0.16 degree of longitude difference. I wonder if there are some documents available for each deployment or what might be the reason for this change of deployment location (METBKA and VELPTA)?

I also noticed that there are two METBKA for the Apex Surface Mooring surface buoy and they were deployed at the same location/depth. However, when I compared the wind speed products from them, the general trend is the same albeit with some non-negligible differences. I wonder if I missed some information that could explain the differences, for example the height of the wind speed sensor?

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Thank you for your questions.

For each mooring location, we have 2 defined spots for each mooring. This allows us to put the next one in before we take the previous one out so that they data overlaps a little bit for comparison. You can find the cruise plans and reports that show where the moorings are planned to be and are deployed in Alfresco under the appropriate cruise (e.g.,OOI > Global Southern Ocean Array > Cruise Data > Southern_Ocean-03_NBP1610_2016-10-18).

And, yes, there are 2 METBK instruments on each Global Surface Mooring (for redundancy). The anemometers are at the same height, but it is possible that one anemometer’s calibration may be off, or the orientation of the buoy leads to a slight discrepancy in the readings.

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