GI01SUMO-RII11 pCO2 sensor depths

Hi OOI team,
I’m working with the THREDDS gold standard copy of the Global Irminger pCO2 data. For reference designators GI01SUMO-RII11-02-PCO2WC051, GI01SUMO-RII11-02-PCO2WC052, and GI01SUMO-RII11-02-PCO2WC053, is there information somewhere about the depth of deployment? From the data explorer I’m aware that these mooring riser sensors should be at 40m, 80m, and 130m, however I’m not able to distinguish them. The metadata lists the geospatial vertical units and resolution, but does not appear to have a geospatial vertical value.
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Hi Meg,

The deployment depths for those instruments:

GI01SUMO-RII11-02-PCO2WC051 - 40 m
GI01SUMO-RII11-02-PCO2WC052 - 80 m
GI01SUMO-RII11-02-PCO2WC053 - 130 m

A good source for deployment depths of instruments is on the OOI website under instrument information:

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Hi Meg,

In my previous response I assumed you were you looking to determine the nominal deployment depths for those instruments.

However, if you were looking to determine the exact depth of each PCO2W for each deployment, then that would be a bit more involved. In that case I would suggest taking a look at the pressure records for the nearby CTDMO instruments for each deployment. For instance, looking at the pressure records for CTDMOs nominally deployed at 20 m and 60 m (GI01SUMO-RII11-02-CTDMOQ011 & GI01SUMO-RII11-02-CTDMOQ012) would help determine the exact deployment depth of the 40 m PCO2W.

Those reference designators can be found here:

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Actually, the PCO2W instruments on the Global Surface Mooring riser are co-located with CTDBP Instruments:
GI01SUMO-RII11-02-CTDBPP031 - 40 m
GI01SUMO-RII11-02-CTDBPP032 - 80 m
GI01SUMO-RII11-02-CTDBPP033 - 130 m

So you can get “exact” depths from those instruments.

Sheri N. White