Temp/Sal corr Oxygen data from GI Apex Surface Mooring - Mooring Riser

Our lab has been attempting to access temperature/salinity corrected oxygen data (I believe L2 data) in umol/kg from the GI Apex Surface Mooring - Mooring Riser and have run into a couple of issues. When using the available Matlab M2M code to access some data from the The M2M code for that global array only returns the following variables:
var_list(1).name = ‘time’;
var_list(2).name = ‘dosta_analog_tc_oxygen’;
var_list(3).name = ‘dosta_analog_optode_temperature’;

When downloading the netcdf file for that instrument, we can find L0 and L1 data but there is no temperature and salinity corrected oxygen data. We also tried downloading data from the CTD streams on the Mooring Riser to see if the oxygen data had been corrected and put in that file, but couldn’t find it in there. Lastly, when looking in new data explorer (or the old data portal) the Dissolved Oxygen for the Apex Surface Mooring Riser platforms is in umol/L (which I think is the L1 product that hasn’t been corrected for salinity and temperature).

Can you point us in the right direction for finding the L2 product?

Per discussions within OOI, the L2 Oxygen Data Product doesn’t exist for these data streams. It would be a while before this could be added. In the meantime, one would have to do their own calculations for corrected data. The OOI L2 calculations and algorithms are available at ion-functions/do2_functions.py at master · oceanobservatories/ion-functions · GitHub.