SF01B - data missing

data source: Coastal Endurance, Oregon Offshore Cabled Shallow Profiler Mooring, SF01B platform

  1. There seem to be some problems in the dissolved oxygen data collected by CTD from the above-listed data source. It seems like there is something wrong in the first half of the dataset (see below), which makes the data values really small. I am wondering if there is any replaced or corrected data for the period where the problem has occurred?

2, I extracted data in the 3-wavelength fluorometer instrument from the above data source as NetCDF. The online data visualization tool indicates that the variable “chlorophyll-a-concentration” exists in the dataset. However, when I downloaded the fluorometer data, there is no chlorophyll-related variable. I am wondering if the variable can be found in the other location or if it is a bug. Thank you!

Here are the quick answers.
Someone at the OOI will need to chime in, especially about your query in #1.

  1. I reckon the sensor malfunctioned.
  2. Take a gander at the fluorometric_chlorophyll_a variable in the NetCDF.

Here is how I got there.
For #1, I gathered the sensor may have malfunctioned by looking at the annotations.
If you go back to Data Explorer, you will see an Annotations button beneath the figure.
Sorting by start time will allow you see an annotation for July 19, 2016 which may answer your question.
There is also an annotation indicating that the CTD data for the 2015-2016 deployment may all be suspect. You can also access annotation through M2M or by navigating the OOINet interface, but Data Explorer will get you there faster.

Edit: I should also note that UW does the Cabled Array turnover during the summer, so the reason you see the abrupt change in the oxygen from bad to okay is because a new sensor was put in.

For #2.
You can use NASA’s Panoply to rapidly examine the contents of a NetCDF. If you go to fluorometric_chlorophyll_a under the names column, you will see that it is derived from the raw sensor signals and is the only L1 data product that is related to chlorophyll-a. So fluorometric_chlorophyll_a is the one you want to use from the NetCDF.