Where to find Methodology citation for Shipboard samples? espec. chlorophyll HPLC samples?

What is the Methodology citation used for Shipboard chlorophyll extraction samples? Is this listed in the cruise SOP? I am also interested in the Methodology citation used for all shipboard sample collections. If it differs by array, please point me to all of them as I am using data from all arrays.

Could this method citation information be placed in one spot on your website along with all the links to the various cruise reports? Thank you.


Discrete sample analysis is done by various labs for the OOI marine operators; so it may not be consistent across OOI. However details on methodology should be located in Alfresco along with the Discrete Summary Spreadsheets. Some details maybe in the Discrete Summary READMEs, and/or in data analyses spreadsheets for the specific measurement.

For example, for the Irminger Sea 02 cruise, this folder in Alfresco holds the water sampling data:
OOI > Global Irminger Sea Array > Cruise Data > Irminger_Sea-02_AT30-01_2015-08-05 > Ship Data > Water Sampling

See these files:
Irminger_Sea-02_AT30-01_Discrete_Summary.csv Irminger_Sea-02_AT30-01_Discrete_Summary.csv
Irminger_Sea-02_AT30-01_Discrete_Summary.xlsx Irminger_Sea-02_AT30-01_Discrete_Summary.xlsx

Sheri N. White
OOI/CGSN Data Team.