Citation guide for water sampling data accessed through Al Fresco?

Is there a standardized format anywhere for how to properly cite cruise samples accessed through Al Fresco? Currently the webpage says the guidance for this type of citation is forthcoming.


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Hello Meg, We are still working through the best approach for this case. The following is a suggested citation for a single cruise that follows the recommended citation format on OOI’s webpage: How to Use, Acknowledge, and Cite Data. For cruise data, we suggest using the “Modified” date as the date of publication (as shown in Alfresco Cruise Data repository), not naming the repository (optional), and not including the access date (optional):

NSF Ocean Observatories Initiative. (2021-09-13). Summary sheet for discrete water sampling from the CTD rosette on Irminger Sea 6 cruise AR35-05 in August 2019.