Shipboard data for gliders?

I have been studying the Pioneer Array shipboard data collected during the turn-around cruises and stored in the Alfresco server. I am searching for chlorophyll data to use to compare against glider Chla L1 output. Are any of the shipboard bottle samples taken alongside a profiling glider? I imagine this is straightforward to do with the mooring profilers (e.g., park the ship right alongside a mooring and do a ctd bottle cast during a mooring profile), but how is this done for the gliders?


We do have some shipboard data for glider deployments and recoveries, but there are some caveats. CTD casts are typically conducted just after glider deployments (in the vicinity of the glider, but not timed to coincide with a glider dive), and around recoveries as well. Water samples are collected for salts, oxygen, and chlorophyll; and also nitrate if the glider has a nitrate sensor. These data would be found in the Discrete Summary spreadsheets in Alfresco.

For example, for the Pioneer 9 Cruise (AR24), you can find the Discrete Summary spreadsheet here in Alfresco:
OOI > Coastal Pioneer NES Array > Cruise Data > Pioneer-09_AR24_2017-10-22 > Ship Data > Water Sampling > Pioneer-09_AR24_Discrete_Summary.csv (or .xlsx)
Looking in the Target Asset column, you can find out which casts were in the vicinity of Gliders.

However, it should be noted that sometimes gliders are deployed or recovered on small boat cruises (those cruises are indicated with a letter after the number – e.g., Pioneer 9a). CTD casts are not conducted on those small boat cruises. So it is only on the Spring and Fall mooring array turn cruises that you would find shipboard data associated with Glider deployments.

I hope that helps. Let us know if you have further questions.

Sheri N. White
OOI/CGSN Data Team