Telemetered or recovered?


I am downloading glider data in *.csvp format from the IOOS Glider DAC using the ERDDAP data access form. I want to choose recovered data when available, but I see no option for choosing either recovered or telemetered. How do I assure I am getting recovered data?

Hi Robert,

The name of the dataset will indicate whether it is telemetered or recovered data. Recovered datasets have “delayed” at the end of their name.

For instance, dataset cp_339-20220409T2116 includes realtime/telemetered data and cp_339-20220409T2116-delayed is recovered data.

Thank you,

Thanks, that is very helpful. I see that for the Pioneer Array glider data for 2022, roughly half the files are telemetered, and other half delayed (recovered). Do all of the telemetered files eventually get replaced by recovered files? Does anyone know what is the typical time following recovery of the gliders that the ‘delayed’ version of the data files are made available?

That’s correct. We do not delete the telemetered datasets after submitting the recovered datasets so in most cases there should be 2 datasets for each deployment. Exceptions would be if the glider were lost or if something else prevented us from downloading the recovered data. However, many of our early deployments exist as only recovered datasets because they were submitted to the GDAC after the fact.

We typically try to get the recovered/delayed datasets submitted to the GDAC within 1-2 weeks of recovering the glider. Please note that we have not deployed any gliders at the Pioneer array since September 2022 due to the relocation of the array to the mid-Atlantic Bight.