CSPP Telemetered Data No Longer Available via M2M

I’m using EA CSPP data for a class and attempted to request telemetered data via M2M but was met with a 404 response. After looking at OOINet, it looks like telemetered CSPP data is no longer being made available. Is this a permanent change?

@iblack Hopefully this will not be permanent. As you are aware, the “timing” bug in the CSPP data is an issue. We now have the ability to correct the recovered data, but still don’t have a fix for the telemetered data. With the move to the new data center, we ingested the corrected, recovered data, but we are holding off on ingesting the telemetered data for now. Can you work with the recovered for now, or do you need the telemetered?

That makes sense. All I need is CTD and Chl from CE01ISSP-00018. I’m not terribly concerned about quality right now, so I’ll just use the raw data archive along with the cal coefficients available on the OOI GitHub.


We do have that recovered and corrected data available. I’m waiting for an asset management update before I run the ingest requests (should be later next week). Do you want me to ping you when it is done?

Hi Chris,

With the improvement of the cell modem on the CSPPs, has there been any talk about updating the telemetered data to full .PPB files instead of making a custom fix for the telemetered .PPD files?

If no update is available at this time, then this thread can be closed and archived.


  • Ian


No, we will not be changing the CSPPs to send full data via the cell modem at this time. We are going to ingest all of the telemetered data (with annotations added to explain the time bug) over the next few weeks. It will all be available before the winter break. I’ll close this thread once we have done that.