Irminger 2019-2020 Profiler data

On behalf of Isabela LeBras,

I’ve been working on my Burke OOI Irminger project and would like to
extend the analysis through 2020, but it looks like the MMP either
failed or has not been uploaded completely yet. Could you point me to
someone who could help me get that data?

Al Plueddemann

Here is the annotation related to this.
Deployment 6: * UPDATED 2020-10-21: On 1/1/2020 the timestamp for all instruments on the WFP jumped to 2068. These data have not been ingested and need to have a correction applied to the timestamp before they are. They are available in the raw data archive. * Due to a clock rollover issue, all WFPs have ceased sampling on 1/1/2020. No WFP data are being collected after this date. A resolution is being researched by the vendor.

There was a FW bug that affected the MMP on January 1, 2020. It apparently kept running but with extremely messed up time stamps.

The raw data from the MMP can be found in the OOI Raw Data Repository here:

Additionally, the MMP glass sphere imploded at some point during 2020. The exact time is not yet known.

Happy New Year! I was wondering if there was an update from the vendor on the OOI Irminger profiler time stamp issue. Thanks!

Isabel. We have tried to apply the suggested time fix for the Irminger dWFP data set recommended by the vendor. The start times that we expected to see based on the profiler schedule were different than what the correction yielded. We are working with the vendor to see if they have any suggestions and can verify that we applied the correction properly before we ingest the recovered data from the WFP. I expect to hear from the vendor this week and hope to update this thread soon after.

Great, thank you John!

The Irminger 2019 - 2020 data should be posting soon. We have corrected the year issue and done some preliminary checks. - John

That’s great to hear, thank you John, please keep me posted. Have a nice weekend!

Wire Following Profiler Time Correction:

Irminger 6 Wire-Following Profiler recovered data required a correction to the timestamps in the raw data due to a bug in firmware version 5.34. This bug caused the profiler to record timestamps with year 1940 beginning after the transition from 2019 to 2020. McLane recommends that 80 years be added to the year in all timestamps recorded after 2020-01-01T00:00:00 to correct the timestamp in the raw data (1940 + 80 = 2020).

On 2021-02-05 the raw (binary) data files were converted to ASCII and each timestamp in the raw data was corrected by adding 80 years. These raw data were then repacked into binary *.DAT files as if they had been generated by the WFP. These corrected data were unpacked using the unpacker to confirm the data can be unpacked and had the correct year. These corrected raw data were ingested into the OOI data portal. The original raw data data files with incorrect timestamps were flagged as bad (renamed as the original file name +.bad)

More information about this issue and fix can be found here: Irminger 2019-2020 Profiler data
A write-up and example of this processing code can be found here: GitHub - oceanobservatories/ooicgsn-data-tools: OOI-CGSN tools for data analysis.

Note ACM current meter ceased logging data 1/1/2020. Root cause unknown but likely related to the clock rollover issue. Recovered data were not correctable.

Note that glass spheres in MMP 12774-01 imploded on 5/10/2020 and the WFP data after are suspect or missing.

Great, thank you so much!