Aggregating glider data

Is there a way of aggregating data during download for the glider files? I need data from the gliders’ PAR and FLUOR data file selections to be combined and the only way I see to do it is to merge them after downloading, but isn’t there a way to merge them prior to download? Or, better yet, can I select only those data columns I want from each file, merge, and then download?

Hi Robert,
Can you provide more detail on which interface you are using? A link or screen shot of what you are seeing would be helpful.



I am using this interface:


Hi Bob, a lot of the glider data is now available in the IOOS Glider DAC. You can search by year, and then click on a glider track to see quick CTD transect plots at the bottom. If you then click “View ERDDAP” in the lower left, it takes you to the full dataset, which generally includes the other variables merged into one dataset. For example, here’s the 2019 deployment of CP_340, which seems to include both Chl-a and PAR.

The new Data Explorer has a much nicer interface for searching glider datasets, and it looks like it provides merged datasets as well.

So it’s nice to have a few different options. Not sure if Jeff has any guidance on the advantages or differences between the two.

Thanks Sage, that is very useful.



Thanks Sage for your input. Data Explorer is fed from the Glider DAC. The advantage of using Data Explorer is the ability to search and visualize the glider data next to the other data produced by OOI.


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Hi Jeff,

Is there a timeline for when older PA recovered glider deployments (-delayed) will be available in the Glider DAC ERDDAP?


  • Ian

Hi Ian,

We are actively working through the backlog of DAC submissions for Pioneer and Global Array glider datasets. I would expect the effort to be completed by the end of January.


Thanks for the update!