Combine Pioneer Array profiler datastreams prior to download?

I would like to combine data from different instruments prior to download. I can do this for glider data using ERDAP. Can I also do this for CP04OSPM at Pioneer? More specifically, I want to combine CTD, PAR irradiance, 3-way fluorometer, and spectral irradiance datastreams into a *.csv file for download.


Robert D. Vaillancourt, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Oceanography
106 Brossman Hall
Millersville University

Hi Bob,

We have an ERDDAP server associated with the OOI Data Explorer and that can be found here: ERDDAP - Home Page

And more specifically, here is the link for CP04OSPM datasets on that server:

I have not used ERDDAP to combine datasets in this way, but I think your method you used for combining glider datasets should work here as well. Let me know if that method does not work and I will look into it.