How to download full Velocity profiler (ADCP) data

Hi, I am going to download the velocity profiler data from the mooring riser. When I click the green download bottom, I get the nc file with most NaN values in. Comparing to the curtain plot with adequate data (in time and depth dimension), I found the data I downloaded miss lots of data. How could I get the full data like the curtain plot shows?


Can you give us a little more information on what you are trying to download? Are you using the OOI Data Portal (ooinet), or the OOI Data Explorer. Which Array and platform are you looking for? If you are on Data Explorer, can you send us the URL of the page you are trying to download from?

OOI Data Team

Thanks a lot for your reply. I am using the OOI Data Explorer to download the ADCP data and I am looking for the array in SO and Argentine Basin. For example, I’d like to download [OOI Data Explorer: Mooring Riser: Velocity Profiler (75 kHz): Currents: Eastward Sea Water Velocity (] from (, but I can not get the all data as the curtain plots show (I have tried to reshape the whole nc.file into the dimension of depth and time as well). Is there something I missed during the download process?


Yes, there does seem to be some issues with downloading the ADCP data set from Data Explorer. We will look into that.

In the meantime, there are other ways/places to access the data that should give you what you need:

  1. OOINetData Access & Visualization
  2. The Gold Copy THREDDS serverCatalog
  3. The Gold Copy ERDDAP serverERDDAP - Data produced by Stream Engine version 1.16.0 for GS03FLMB-RIM01-02-ADCPSL007-recovered_inst-adcp_velocity_earth - Data Access Form

OOI Data Team

Dear @swhite,
Thanks for your help. The links you provide could give the data I need. Just one question after looking into the ADCP data: how to get the bin_depth, does it also calculated by the pressure (like depth_from_pressure)? I notice there is bin_1_distance (16.380m) between depth_from_pressure and the first row of bin_bin. So the whole bin_depth should be added bin_1_distance (16.380m) to get the real depths? Also, I wonder what does the negative depth stand for.

Thanks again.


Information on how our Data Products are generated can be found in the Data Product Specifications and Data Product Algorithms. You can find those through the OOI website here: Data Products – Ocean Observatories Initiative
(Note that the current Echo Intensity (ECHOINT) DPS should be version 2-00 from 2020; it should be updated on the website shortly.)

The bin_depth parameter is the calculated center of the bins. There is the depth of the instrument, and then there is a blanking distance before the bins start, and then the bins have a defined length.

The ADCPs are configured for a particular range which may be greater than the depth at which they are deployed. This is particularly important for ADCPs on the Flanking Moorings as they may get “blown down” to deeper depths, but we still want them to be able to measure to the sea surface. So the negative depths are are essentially “in air” and can be excluded.

You may want to also look at this ticket: ADCP range bins contaminated by sea surface - a robust QC option?

I hope that helps to clarify the data.

Thanks and stay safe,
OOI Data Team