Data format for download

Dear OOI helpdesk,

I am trying to download OOI data for analysis and am confused about the
data format. I poked around in the data visualization page and made the
below plot:

I then requested to download this data. What i was hoping for was a text
file with one column being the time stamp and one column being the water
pCO2. Instead I received a list of 30+ netCDF files that I suppose I have
to concatenate myself into the data product? Is there any way to directly
output the plotted data as a simple text file? Thank you!


Hi Adam,
The closest to a text download you can get from that screen is a .csv file. When you request a download, select file type as .csv. You will still get more columns than are on your plot as the system will deliver all variables associated with that instrument. This avoids users from having to download multiple times in the event more specific information is needed. In the case of a .csv, you can simply hide or delete the columns you do not need. The number of files downloaded is related to the data set size. The system breaks up data into multiple files to save bandwidth on download.

We have also launched a new data explorer tool that has more download options via ERDDAP. Feel free to try that interface out at