Where to find glider data served bia ERDDAP?

Hi folks, is there and ERDDAP server for OOI gliders? We have https://erddap-uncabled.oceanobservatories.org/uncabled/erddap hardcoded in our library a while back but that one seems to be decommissioned.




All of the OOI glider data is now submitted to the IOOS Glider DAC (https://gliders.ioos.us/). The DAC ERDDAP server is https://gliders.ioos.us/erddap/index.html. All of the OOI gliders will be identified by the Institution name (e.g. OOI Coastal Endurance). Datasets are per deployment with two datasets per deployment (telemetered, decimated data and delayed, full resolution, recovered data).


Awesome. We already fetch from that one.

(And I wrote tons of code logic to remove the duplicated in the past, oh well.)