RCA primary power confusions?

900 km of high bandwidth (10 Gbs) and high
power (8 kW) primary cables & nodes

there is a confusion about this statement in many papers and presentations about the power (8kW).
does this 8kW power is total power of RCA or Eedurance array?
or primary node power?
or secondary junction boxes power?

Hi Tom,

8 kW is the total power each RCA primary node can deliver. It can go to one port or be split among all the ports. The entire Cabled Array (including cabled Endurance nodes) is currently using 22 kW of power, delivered from the shore station.

Mike Vardaro
University of Washington

Thank you Mike, that is:
in perfect condition, each primary node has ability to delivery max 8kW (375Vdc 22A) power, which shared by all ports

Hi Mike,
it looks like that junction boxes in RCA has no 375V ports, in ONC, I find that 375V ports ( both hybrid and copper) are more useful and more adaptability.
what is the consideration that RCA secondary junction boxes has no 375V port?

Hi again Tom,

Checked in with the APL engineering team, and they said that all of our Low Voltage nodes (LV prefix) and Medium-Power Junction Boxes (MP prefix) have 375v / fiber output options. 2 for the LV nodes and 1 for the MP jboxes.