MicroCAT Calibration Sheets

Good evening OOI Help Desk,
Would you happen to have SBE calibration sheets for MicroCATs deployed on the Irminger Flanking Moorings? I did find the calibration coefficients, but I need a past calibration sheet in order to calculate and apply calibrations.
Thank you!

Andree (@a_ramsey),

All of the vendor calibration sheets are publicly available on Alfresco, the OOI Document Management System. You can access Alfresco here:
or here (click on Repository at the top and a navigation bar will appear on the left)

In both cases you can login with username guest and password guest.

If you navigation to this location
OOI > Instrument & Platform Documents > Calibration and Repair > Coastal-Global Arrays > CTDMO
you will find all of the MicoCAT (CTDMO, in OOI-speak) calibration documents, organized by OOI Class-Series (e.g., CTDMO-G or CTDMO-H) and serial number. At present there are 4-pages worth of documents.

Thanks and stay safe,
Sheri N. White

Hi Sheri,

Thank you so much! What a fantastic and helpful resource!