Southern Ocean gliders- optode number

Dear OOI team,

I am trying to find the optode serial number for each of the gliders deployed in the Southern Ocean. I would appreciate it a lot if you could point me out in the right direction. The same would be for the nitrate sensors.

Thank you once more for all the support.

Pablo N. Trucco-Pignata


At present it is not always easy to find instrument S/Ns. We are working on improving this in the OOI Data Explorer. But we do not yet have Southern Ocean glider data in the Data Explorer.

So the best/easiest way to find instrument S/Ns is to look in our asset management GitHub repository.
Under asset-management/deployment at master · oceanobservatories/asset-management · GitHub you will find a CSV file for each platform listed. The Global Southern Ocean Gliders all begin with GS05MOAS and then have either GL or PG followed by the Glider S/N (only 8 were deployed there):
Only the Profiling Gliders (PG) have the nitrate sensor.

In each Deploy CSV you will find a line for each component or sensor which transmits data listed by Reference Designator. The instrument S/Ns are found in the sensor.uid column in this format: CGINS-DOSTAM-00324 where CGINS defines it as an instrument, DOSTAM is the OOI Instrument Class and Series (DOSTA-M), and 00324 is the instrument Serial number (padded with zeros to a 5-digit number, or truncated if the S/N is longer than 5 digits).

Each CSV has data for all of the deployments of that platform. For gliders there is often only one deployment per CSV, but for moorings there are multiple deployments in each CSV. So be sure to check the deploymentNumber , startDateTime , and stopDateTime columns to be sure you are in the deployment that you want.

It may be a little tricky at first, but once you are used to the terminology and format, it will get easier. Please let me know if you have further questions.

We will be working on making this information more easily accessible in the future.

Thanks and stay safe,
Sheri N. White

Hi again,

I am trying to get the Stern-Volmer-Uchida Foil coefficients for the glider optodes but I cannot find them. For the optodes on the moorings I have found the multipoint calibration sheets in the alfresco page, but not for the optodes on the gliders. There are not multipoint calibration sheets for those optodes or would be possible to find them somewhere else?

Many thanks for the help,


All of the instrument calibration documents that we have should be posted in Alfresco. The oxygen optodes on the gliders are DOSTA-M (most series M instruments are on gliders). Their calibration sheets would be posted to Alfresco here:
OOI > Instrument & Platform Documents > Calibration and Repair > Coastal-Global Arrays > DOSTA

There are 2 things to note about these cals:

  1. These optodes often just go through a 2-point calibration, not a full multi-point calibration. So many of the cal sheets will be just for the 2-point cal.

  2. The vendor documentation has changed a bit over time. Initially, the original multi-point cal SVU-coefficients were not listed on the 2-point cal documents. So you would have to find a previous multi-point cal to get those. More current documentation includes the SVU-coefficients.

If there are particular instruments that you cannot find the SVU-coefficients for, let us know the S/Ns and we can try to track those down and post them.

Thanks and stay safe,