CE02SHSP-00013 ACS Files

I am having difficulty finding the dev file and pure water calibration files associated with the ACS deployed on CE02SHSP-00013. I do not see them on Alfresco under OOI > Instrument & Platform Documents > Calibration and Repair > Coastal-Global Arrays or under
OOI > Coastal Endurance Array > Asset Information > Oregon Shelf Coastal Surface Piercing Profiler > 2019-06_D00013. Where would I be able to find these files?


I believe you are looking for 3305-00313-00184_SN_138_Pre-Deployment_OPTAA-J.pdf. The calibration date is June 12, 2019. CE02SHSP-00013 was deployed June 24, 2019. The calibration files are in 3305-00313-00184-A_SN_138_Pre-Deployment_OPTAA-J.zip.


Thanks, Chris. FYI I don’t think Alfresco is link friendly, so for those that stumble across this post looking to access similar documents, I would recommend that they go to the OOI Alfresco home page and navigate to OOI > Instrument & Platform Documents > Test Documents > Instruments > Coastal - Global Arrays > OPTAA.

Now I’m looking for deployment0006 CE02SHBP ACS cal files. Any chance those would live somewhere else other than the repo folder you linked?

That would be a cabled instrument. I’m going to ping @mvardaro and @wruef to see if they know where the cabled pre-deployment calibrations are put.


You can find those files here: OOI > Instrument & Platform Documents > Calibration and Repair > Cabled Array > OPTAAD.

I can’t attach the relevant file for deployment 6 (extension isn’t recognized), but I think these links should work: