Seasonal Statistics

Hi! I’ve been playing around with the data explorer and really like the idea of presenting actual data in the context of the seasonal statistics. Are the seasonal statistics available for download? How are the seasonal statistics calculated? I’m curious about which data is included/excluded from the seasonal statistic calculations…

Great, we are glad to hear that the seasonal statistics are a useful tool. You can find more information about how the statistics are calculated in this section of the help docs. The data from the full-instrument time series (Level 1+) are included in the calculations. More information about that version of the data is here. In cases where there is a quality-checked (i.e. QARTOD) version of the data set, the failed data points are excluded from calculation.

Binned data is available for download under ‘Calculated data’. We don’t currently offer seasonal statistics for download, but please let us know if this would be useful to you.