License type for mseed hydrophone recordings


I’m wondering what the license is for the hydrophone recordings.

I’m compiling a dataset of a bunch of marine mammal vocalizations from various open source (creative commons) locations. I have several OOI vocalizations, but it is unclear if I can place them in a single repository with other CC sources. Ideally, end users could download the dataset from a single source rather than having to navigate several different APIs. That way I could also distribute them in WAV/FLAC format instead of mseed.



Hi Bret,

There is no specific license for OOI data. The acknowledgement and citation guidelines are found here: How to Use, Acknowledge, and Cite Data - Ocean Observatories Initiative. As long as the data are properly cited, I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t be added to your repository. Implementation of DOIs for OOI data is still in progress, as is an improved audio data distribution interface (which should include WAV and FLAC download options).

Let us know if you have any other questions about citation format or attribution. And we would be very interested to know when your vocalization repository is up and running!

Mike Vardaro
OOI Regional Cabled Array Data Team
University of Washington

Thanks. I’ll note that in the repository. What is the best way to publicise it to OOI users? I’ll be putting my derived datasets on hugging face (a common ML data platform with no upload size constraints)

If you put the link here or post a new forum message with the link (and a little information about your project) then we can get it added to the Community Datasets page on the OOI website ( and maybe draft a short article for the OOI newsletter.

There is also a separate Discourse forum page for Community Tools where you could post the link: Data Tools - OOI Data Users