Data Explorer Preview Figure Issues

When first loading the full time-series in Data Explorer, the y-axes for CE02SHBP pH and pCO2 are significantly wider that what should be expected. There is also a mismatch between the velocity units for upward (m/s), eastward (cm/s), and northward (cm/s) velocity from the 3D Single Point Velocity Meter.

For CE02SHSM, I have noticed that the y-axis for the full timeseries for eastward and northward wind also defaults to incredibly large values.


To provide comments on how Data Explorer is behaving (or not), the best way to provide feedback is using the Feedback button at the top right of the screen (three dots in a word bubble). That will go directly to the Axiom folks and capture the details about the page you are on so that they know what you are looking at.