OOI API Info Page Does Not Exist

Is there a new location for information about the OOI API endpoints? The following link doesn’t provide anything. Thanks!


M2M interface information can be found at M2M (Machine to Machine) – Ocean Observatories Initiative

Below is some additional information on endpoints. All are used with GET.

12575 Preload information (streams, etc.)
12576 Sensor Inventory
12578 Quality Control (QC)
12586 Vocabulary
12587 Asset Management (includes assets, events, status, deployments, cruises)


Thanks for the current link to the tutorials and the info on the endpoints. Where could I find comprehensive information about each endpoint and associated options?

You can find the API documentation here, but you will need to login first…

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I looked through the second link provided. This is good information. Is it possible that it be moved to the public-facing M2M page so it is a little more accessible?

I don’t see any info about the options (query string parameters) for each endpoint. I may be a little lost though. Is there a page for info on that? When I try to use OPTIONS instead of GET, I am not given any response. Many of the OOI M2M tutorials provide good examples on the parameters for each endpoint (such as beginDT, endDT, limit, format, etc.), but I haven’t seen any info on the complete list available for an endpoint.

I am working on a platform that uses NVS to identify when it is near an active asset. If that active asset happens to be an OOI mooring, it will search for additional co-located assets through the OOI API and then will attempt to obtain the last 2-3 weeks of each sea-surface variable. Ideally, it would collect as much information as possible, including asset metadata. If there is a complete document on the API, it would help me in development. Thanks!

I can’t find information on the available options (e.g. from tutorials beginDT, format, include_annotations, etc) for each endpoint and I’d like to use the OOI API to its full extent. I can’t really move forward with my project without some sort of detailed documentation. I would appreciate any assistance here. Thanks!

After doing some digging it looks like there is information about some of the options in the link that Sage provided, but it is buried beneath a cascade of expanding boxes. For those looking to access all of the API documentation, you will need to expand each new arrow down until you obtain the information you want. This thread can probably be archived.