NSF funding opportunity for Postdocs

OOI is happy to work with anyone considering applying for NSF’s Division of Ocean Sciences 2021 postdoc fellowship program. NSF encourages applicants to use existing ocean data sources (of which OOI has 36 terabytes!) We’d be happy to work with you to help you find the right long-term or real time data to answer a research question. More about the funding is here: bit.ly/OOIpostdocs. Give us a shoutout back here and see how we can help.

Net Impact wises to apply for NSF Ocean Sciences 2021 postdoc fellowship program to enable to bring brains of reality programs in Liberia/west Africa more for betterment.

Hi NetImpact- Thanks for your interest. The fellowships are for U.S. citizens or permanent residents. More info here: Dear Colleague Letter: Division of Ocean Sciences' Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Opportunities for 2021 (nsf20131) | NSF - National Science Foundation. If you qualify, you should indeed apply. Regardless, we are happy to help you use OOI data in your research. Let us know how we can help.