Washington Shelf Mooring communication issues will be resolved in the fall

Due to acoustic modem communications problems on the nearby Washington shelf mooring, the Washington shelf CSPP will not be deployed this summer. The earliest possible deployment would be on the Fall 2023 Endurance maintenance cruise, currently scheduled for 2023-09-21 – 2023-10-08.|

|On 2023-03-11, we lost communications with the Washington shelf mooring (CE07SHM) bottom instruments. Eight internally recording bottom instruments will continue to collect data. These are: seafloor pressure, ADCP, pCO2 water, seawater pH, CTD, dissolved oxygen, bio-acoustic sonar, and the digital still camera). Two externally powered instruments (3-D single point velocity meter and the spectrophotometer) will no longer log. Internally-recorded data will be recovered, and real-time bottom data will be restored on the fall mooring cruise (2023-09-21 – 2023-10-08). |